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Topics: Solvency II
Organisations: FNIM - Fédération Nationale de l'Information Médicale

Fédération Nationale Indépendante des Mutuelles

4, ave

nue de l’Opéra • 75001 Paris • Tél. 01 55 35 31 21 • Fax. 01 55 35 31 22 • e-mail

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Fédération régie par le Code de la Mutualité - N° 383 666 799

Member of the European Parliament Parlement Européen Rue Wiertz 60, B - 6 1047 Bruxelles

Paris, 8 January 2014


Dear Member of the European Parliament,

I am pleased to send you, enclosed, the file concerning the stand defended by the Federation I head and which requests our European Authorities to raise the threshold for application of the Solvency II Directive to the health insurance entities from 5 to 50 million euros.

Since this matter will again come before the European Parliament in the very near future, it remains entirely possible to have an amendment to that effect filed by a parliamentary group.

In the meantime I am taking the liberty of asking you, by way of this letter, to agree to consider, with your group, whether the filing of such an amendment would be opportune, as being essential to protection of the local insurance entities.

Convinced that you will realise the strength of the arguments put forth in this dossier and strongly hoping that you will be among the signatories of the desired amendment, I remain available to discuss this matter with you.

Yours faithfully,

The President,

Philippe MIXE.

Text of the proposed amendment:

It is proposed to modify article 4 of the Solvency II Directive along these lines: At the end of paragraph 1.a), the following indication is added: “or 50,000,000 EUR for the health entities providing, as their main activity, annual coverage of health care expenses”.


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