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27 March 2014

ELFAA urges rejection of environmentally-ineffective trialogue compromise


Dear Member of the European Parliament,

The European Low Fares Airline Association (ELFAA) has consistently supported the inclusion of aviation in EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). We

acknowledge that aviation’s emissions of CO2, if small in relative terms, are

nonetheless material and there is a need in the short to medium term for a properly-designed Market-Based Mechanism (MBM), to supplement other technological and fuel-efficiency measures. It is clearly vital, however, that any MBM be environmentally effective. 80% of EU

aviation’s emissions of CO2 being from long distance flights, this necessarily

means the inclusion of all flights to and from the EU.

ELFAA offered its support to the EU’s defence of the legal challenge to the


flights scope, brought by the US carriers, and was pleased that the CJEU, in upholding the legality of the scheme, as specified in the Directive, further observed that it would be discriminatory to exempt flights by destination/origin and, further, contravene the environmental objectives of the Directive, as stated in the preamble.

In supporting the Commission’s flawed “Stop

the Clock” exemption of

flights to

and from non-EEA airports, from compliance in respect of 2012 emissions, your Environment Committee made very clear that Parliament


support was

conditional on the Derogation being for one year only and further made clear that any extension would represent unacceptable discrimination against intra-EU/EEA operators and their customers.

tel: +32 (0)2 504 90 05

fax: +32 (0)2 732 71 76 - info@elfaa.com - www.elfaa.com

Registered address: 21-23, 1


Floor, West Street, Oundle, Cambridgeshire, PE8 4EJ, United Kingdom

Registered in England & Wales No. 5882574

The 2013 ICAO General Assembly delivering neither of the



conditions, on which the 2012 Derogation was predicated, we now have the unseemly spectacle of states, for reasons which have nothing to do with the

environment, clamouring to extend the “one year only” conditional 2012

Derogation. Those states baying for extension of “Stop the Clock”

further made

clear their preference for it to extend to 2020, seeking to “justify” this by enabling “progress” at ICAO to continue. The ICAO Working Group has meanwhile met,

but reportedly without the presence of any of the members of the group, representing the dissenting BRIC states. It is highly likely that the 2016 ICAO General Assembly will yield no more positive outcome than the weak Resolution, passed at the 2013 Assembly, which differed hardly at all from that passed in 2010. It would appear that the Council also has little faith in any solution being to hand at the 2016 Assembly as evidenced by the proposal by a number of states to extend STC to 2020.

Council, Parliament, and Commission,

at taxpayers’ expense, successfully

defended at the CJEU

the EU’s legislative prerogative to apply the ETS Directive

to all flights, coming within EU jurisdiction by choosing to land at EU airports. This confirmed legal right has meanwhile been forfeited once already, in the form of the 2012 Derogation, but to no useful avail. Parliament is now being asked to repeat this futile concession for 4 more years, for no environmental gain, while prolonging the unfair discrimination it represents against EU industry and European c

onsumers’ interest.

ELFAA urges members of the European Parliament to vote against the environmentally-ineffective, discriminatory compromise which the trialogue recommendation represents, which was rightly rejected by your Environment Committee.

Yours sincerely,

John Hanlon Secretary General European Low Fares Airline Association

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