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Topics: Net Neutrality
Organisations: EDRi

Net Neutrality

Who is for and against net neutrality?



Commissioner Neelie Kroes in public: “For me this debate is not about dogma and slogans – it's about understanding what's important online, and preserving it.” 2014/kroes/en/tags/net-neutrality

European Commission in private: “Kroes' officials were at it again this week. A year ago they were telling us, in background briefings, that net neutrality legislation was a terrible idea, propagated by the pig ignorant and tinfoil hat lunatics.” _neelie_you_were_worse_than_useless/

Commission spokesman Ryan Heath: Let's be 100% clear: 96% of Europeans lack # NetNeutrality legal protections today. Today's EuroParl vote gets us one step closer to fixing 81024

Commission spokesperson Ryan Heath: # Netflix does have questions to answer. Have they built any backhaul in EU? Or are telcos just supposed 2 do it all?

European Telecoms Network Operators (ETNO): "On the issue of net neutrality, the proposed text requires substantial changes in order not to increase the bias of current regulation against EU telecoms operators vis-à-vis players on otherlevels of the Internet value chain” %20Single%20Market%2020131119.pdf

ON 2 April, ETNO wrote to support the Commission proposal, asking the Parliament to reject ever uggestion that it has made, thereby supporting the Commission's text. “The European Parliament position, as it stands, would put in jeopardy services currently provided to broadband users”

“Indeed, such a new focus suggests that regulatory decisions should be also aimed at triggering market consolidation – in potential conflict with the fundamental purposes of the current framework (to promote competition)”.

BEREC views on the proposal for a Regulation “laying down measures to complete the European

ingle market for electronic communications and to achieve a Connected Continent”,

Body of European

Regulators for Electronic Communications, 17 October, 2013, page 3.

[“However, BEREC believes that the elevation of these approaches (however ETNO may label them) by explicit reference in a (high-level) international treaty runs the real risk shifting the balance of negotiating leverage between market participants and inducing an abuse of market power by telecoms carriers in relation to terminating traffic (much as occurred historically in traditional telephony)”.

BEREC's comments on the ETNO

proposal for ITU/WCIT or similar initiatives along these lines,

Body of European regulators for Electronic

Communications, 14 November 2012.

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