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Topics: Real Driving Emissions
Organisations: VW, European Commission

Ref. Ares(2012)859548 – 13/07/2012

Günther H. Oettinger Member of the European Commission

Herrn Prof. Dr. rer. Nat. Dr.-ing. e.h. Martin Winterkorn Volkswagen AG DE – 38436 Wolfsburg

Brussels, 12.07.2012

EM/ls A(12)837077


-Proposal for the regulations amending Regulations (EU) No 520/2011 and (EC) No

443/2009 on CO


from light commercial vehicles and passenger cars


Commission Decision of 11 July 2012

Dear Professor Winterkorn,

Thank you very much for your letter of 5


July 2012.

The Commission reached a decision yesterday on the proposals mentioned above. It can be noticed that the version that has been adopted contains some not insignificant improvements, compared to the original proposal. Firstly, the burden sharing by each car manufacturer of the further CO


reduction is now once again

based on the two elements of the political agreement of 2008, namely the reference year 2006 and a 60% gradient for the burden sharing curve (see attached statement by Commissioner Hedegaard). The attempts to use 2009 as the reference year and to thereby introduce a new model for the burden sharing (expressed in the previously envisaged factor of “0.0296”), did get though. The factor “0.0333” that has now been adopted seems to be lower than the current factor of “0.0457”, that will still be valid until 2015. In reality it does, however, express exactly the same relative burden-sharing as before: all manufacturers, regardless of their fleet portfolio, have to reduce their average emissions by 27% respectively. Secondly, the burden on the industry is reduced by the re-introduction of two flexibility mechanisms into the text: on the one hand the new provision for crediting “eco-innovations”, which according to the original proposal should not have been recognised anymore after the adoption of a new “testcycle”. And on the other, the so-called “super-credits” for up to 20,000 electric vehicles per year emitting less than 35 g will be granted from 2020 to 2023. Of course there still is significant need for improvement regarding the conditions for “super-credits” namely the quantities and CO2 emissions

threshold. But the fact that in the end the Commission’s proposal contains any “super-credits” at all surely provides a starting point for that discussion during the deliberations. Finally, I welcome that in this proposal the Commission commits itself to take stock of the emission limit values by 2014, but however does not undertake any binding obligation to necessarily make any proposals for possible new limit values for after 2020. With that, the discussion about our CO2-policy for cars after 2020 can be held without a predefined outcome.

With kind regards [in handwriting:] “from Brussels to Wolfsburg!”, [unreadeable] Signature

Attachments: - Information note by Commissioner Hedegaard


[in handwriting:] “my statement for the minutes

of the

meeting of

Commissioners of 11 July 2012”

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